Social work is an academic discipline and a profession within human services. Its main goal is to assist individuals, families and communities with their needs and solve their problems using a multidisciplinary approach. Social work in its various forms, addresses the multiple and complex transactions between people and their environments and aims at enabling all people to develop their full potentials, enrich their lives, and prevent dysfunctions. Human rights and social justice are the philosophical underpinnings of social work practice. The uniqueness of social work practice is in the blend of some particular values, knowledge and skills, including the use of relationship as the basis of all interventions and respect for the client’s choice and involvement. Today, social workers are not only the bridge, linking clients to other helpers, they also provide their clients with hope and encourage them towards a happier life. Its auspices may be voluntary, governmental or combination of both.


  • To teach the students the methods and techniques of social work.
  • To prepare social work students to play their professional role for the social inclusion of vulnerable groups.
  • To equip the students to develop professional identity, which will incorporate the knowledge, skills, values, and ethical principles of social work profession that are crucial for the advancement of human rights, economic and social justice.
  • To equip the students for the rehabilitation and social inclusion of vulnerable groups through advocacy.
  • To enable social workers to take leadership roles in organizations charged with responding to psycho-social problems.
  • To prepare social work students to be the agent of change.


Our vision is to become a leading institute of social work that is acknowledged for its quality social work education and its research culture for the promotion of social justice, human rights, solution of problems and development of communities.

Job Opportunities

  • Regional, national and international Government and Non-government organizations e.g. UNDP, UNHCR, WHO, US-AID, APWA, and many other organizations which work in areas like, education, health, poverty, peace etc.
  • Social Welfare Department, Education Department, Drug Rehabilitation, NCHD etc.
  • Teaching and research institutes.
  • Law.


The Department is committed to prepare students to bring social change and promote social justice to empower the vulnerable groups of society by practicing the theories, skills, values and ethics of social work profession.

Volunteerism Program University Of Malakand

Volunteerism program University of Malakand was launched in 2022 on the directives of honorable Vice Chancellor, University of Malakand by the Department of Social work. Students and faculty members of various departmental are members of volunteerism team. Currently more than 130 male and 50 female students offer their services as volunteer at the university. The responsibility of Focal Person volunteerism program is shouldered by Dr. Hamid Alam

Objectives of Volunteerism Program

  1. To establish a network of volunteers.
  2. To develop the spirit of self help and sense of ownership among UOM family.
  3. To promote civic citizenship practices.
  4. To inculcate a sense of commitment among volunteers to serve the university and community.
  5. To transform UOM graduates into socially responsible citizens with clear vision for nation building by using their personal and professional skills.

Activities carried out under volunteerism program

Volunteerism program conduct different activities from time to time. So far the program has carried out the following activities at the campus.

  1. Facilitation in online admissions at University of Malakand.
  2. Counseling sessions for university students.
  3. Awareness session on "The importance of Social Work and Volunteerism" in consultation with Kamyab Jawan Markaz, UOM.
  4. Celebration of international volunteer day 2023.
  5. First Aid Training for volunteers.
  6. Plantation drive 2023 at Botanical Garden, University of Malakand. 

Teaching Faculty

Mr. Hamid Alam
Mr. Hamid Alam
Chairman / Assistant Professor
PhD in Social Work and Ageing Studies
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Dr. Sajjad Hussain
Dr. Sajjad Hussain
PhD in Social Work Community Development
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Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq Khan
Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq Khan
M.Phil in Progress
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Mr. Zakir Hussain
Mr. Zakir Hussain
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Supporting Staff

Mr. Shah Hussain
Mr. Shah Hussain
Naib Qasid
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