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The information technology is revolutionizing the world. It is affecting the way we work, the way transact, the way we meet and the way live. In the realization of this fact, the university has establishment the department of firm footing. It has contributed in upgrading the Exmination information system and developing a Web Site for the University.

The department offers admissions in 4-years BS (Hons) Computer Science, 4-years BS (Hons) Information Technology. The department also offers the traditional 2-years M.Sc. in Computer Science, designed especially for the students coming from degree colleges having the 2-years B.Sc. Computer Science background. The department provides sufftient knowledge and skills making the students well versed in the field of Computer Science and IT through a comprehensive course.

With the assistance of higher education commission (HEC) a project on the subject Computerization and Networking Enhancement Programme at University of Malakand has recently been completed. It has not only benefited the department but also led to strengthening the IT infrastructure in whole university. This include high speed Optical fiber based campus wide network and last mile connectivity to the PERN


IT Center has been established on the campus to equip the students as well as faculty members to face the challenges of the modern world in the field of information technology. It provides a space for 30 computer systems, where a considerable number of students could be trained at a time. Dedicated IT staff offer hardware and software support, and run training sessions and workshops on all aspects of computing, including word processing desktop publishing and on-line information retrieval.

There is a free 24-hour Internet access and the majority of official residences as well as students’ hostels are internet enabled. Training and support is provided to help students make full use of the services and equipments available. Specialist staff provides information skills training in the use of electronic resources and finding subject based information via the web. In some subject areas, this skills training is accredited within academic programs. Besides. It also provides campus wide PABX facility.

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