Current Tender Notices:

Tender Notice:For Civil Works and Equipment’s for Data Center Room,Equipments for Tourism,Refrigerator for Zoology,Sound System for Examinations
Last Date: 02/05/2018

Tender Notice: For Purchase of Furniture items
Last Date: 29/03/2018

Tender Notice: For Bio-Techology , Examination and Others
Last Date: 26/03/2018

Tender Notice: For Chemsirty , Bio-Techology , UPS&College
Last Date: 16/02/2018

Tender Notice
Last Date: 28/12/2017

Tender Notice:For the purchase &Printing of Prospectus, Annual Reports, Newsletter, Annual Calendars, Envelopes and Stationary.
Last Date: 24/07/2017

Tender Notice
Last Date: 07/03/2017

Tender Notice: Equipments for Department of Chemistry, CCTV Cameras, CS department Research project equipments, and 400 Ampere Circuits Brakers and Electric Meters
Last Date: 29-11-2016

Previous Tenders

Tender Notice: Equipments for Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry, and Business Incubation Center UOM
Last Date: 05-Aug-2016

Tender Notice: Equipments for Department of Tourism and Hotel Management
Last Date: 02-Aug-2016

Tender Notice for Examination Section and other items
Last Date: 22-Jun-2016

Tender Notice for purchase of different equipments for ORIC and HEC funded projects in Department of Physics and Chemistry
Last Date: 30-May-2016

Tender Notice for hiring Security Services
Last Date: 09-May-2016

Tender Notice regarding general store, shops, cafe, canteen, and others at University of Malakand
Last Date: 11-Apr-2016

Tender Notice for Equipments of Chemistry Department, Furniture and Fixtures, Luminar Flow, Toners, Printers, Air Conditioners
Last Date: 11-Feb-2016

Tender Notice for opening General Store, and others on rent basis
Last Date: 14-Dec-2015

Tender Notice
Last Date: 07-Dec-2015

Equiments for the Lab of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Botany...
Last Date: 12-August-2015

Furniture, Glasswares, Laptops, Multimedia, Photostate Machines and Printers
Last Date: 27-July-2015

Furniture & Fixtures for the newly constructed Boys Hostel out of University own resource
Last Date: 17-June-2015

Equiments for the Lab,Department of Chemistry and Zoology
Last Date: 11- June -2015

Stationary, Printing items, printing of prospectus, annual reports, newsletters and calenders
Last Date: 27-May-2015

Equipment’s for Chemistry Department out of HEC Research Funded Project
Last Date: 30-March-2015

HPLC SYSTEM, Chemicals and Glasswares
Last Date: 25-February-2015

Computer Chairs, Tables and Equipments
Last Date: 19-February-2015

Laptops, Printers, Tables, Chairs, Networking Equipments and Furnitures
Last Date: 15-October-2014

HPLC Equipment for Biotechnology Department
Last Date: 26-September-2014

Server, Laptops, Printers, Multimedia, Office Furniture's and Dustbins are Tenders
Last Date: 23-September-2014

General Store, Tandoor Shop, Medical Store, Furit & Vegetable Shop, Book Store etc
Last Date: 22-September-2014

Chemicals/Glassware’s and HPLC Equipment for Biotechnology Department out of HEC Research Funded Projec
Last Date: 21-August-2014

Equipment’s for Pharmacy Department out of Project Fund
Last Date: 11-August-2014

Servers, Chemicals, Glassware's, Laptops, Printers, Multimedia and Official Furniture's
Last Date: 23-July-2014

Electric Water Coolers, Civil Works, Sanitary, Hard ware and Electrical items
Last Date: 22-July-2014

Equipments for Botanical Garden out of Project Fund
Last Date: 10-June-2014

Stationary, Printing items, Prospectus, Annual Reports, Newsletter and Annual Calendars
Last Date: 05-June-2014

Laptops, Printers, CCTV Camera & Generators
Last Date: 24-April-2014

View Tender Notice and Dwonload
Last Date: 02-April-2014

View Tender Notice and Dwonload
Last Date: 13-February-2014

Tender Documents for 20 KVA UPS
Last Date: 08-January-2014

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