Department of Statistics

Uncertainty is inescapable: randomness, measurement error, deception, and incomplete or missing information complicate all our lives. Statistics is the science and art of making predictions and decisions in the face of uncertainty. Statistical issues are central to big questions in public policy, law, medicine, industry, computing, technology, finance, and science. Indeed, the tools of Statistics apply to problems in almost every area of human activity where data are collected.

The department of Statistics is established in the university in 2010. Initially the M.Sc-2 years program is lunched and then BS(Hons) 4 years is started.


  • To provide students with sound background of statistical knowledge and skills and enable them to apply these skills to real world problems.
  • To prepare students for statistical based position/field jobs/teaching jobs.
  • To motivate the students interest for undertaking research and higher education in various areas of statistics.
  • To train students in such a manner that they should feel competent to organize experiments and to provide proper guidance to researchers in other fields, involving statistical applications.
  • To train students to be able to link themselves with information technology and computer software’s and make use of it for their benefit in day to day work.

Marketability of the post Graduates/ Job Opportunities

  • Federal  Bureau of Statistics, provincial Bureau of Statistics
  • Federal and provincial public sector department: Planning and development, Irrigation, Agriculture, Industries, Finance, Trade and commerce
  • Finance institute and Organizations, Planning Commission, State Bank, Commercial Bank, Research Institutes.
  • Private sector organizations.
  • Bilateral and Multilateral international development donor organization: World Bank, UNDP, JICA etc.
  • NGOs ( Local, National, and International)
Degree Programs:
  • BS Programs (4-year programs, leads to 16-years education)

Teaching Feculty

  1. Dr. Sohail Akhtar (Incharge of the Department)
    Assistan Professor
    PhD (Statistical Modelling in Test Cricket) University of Salford, UK
    MSc (Statistics) University of Peshawar

  2. Dr. Muhammad Asif
    Assistant Professor
    MSc in Statistics (University of Peshawar)
    PhD in Statistics (University of Salford Manchester, United Kingdom), or

  3. Mr. Zahid Khan
    MSc (Statistics) University of Peshawar,

  4. Mr. Rafiq
    MS (Statistics), Qaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

  5. Mr. Muhammad Irfan
    MSc (Statistics) University of Peshawar

  6. Mr. Muhammad Farooq
    M.Phil(Statistics) in progress University of Peshawar
    M.Sc(Statistics) University of Peshawar

  7. Mr. Muhammad Ilyas
    PhD(Statistics) In progress University of Peshawar
    M.Sc(Statistics) University of Peshawar

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