Department of Sociology


Sociology as a science and a full-fledged discipline has emerged not more than a century ago. It can be more simply articulated as a “Science of Society”, which aims at the exploration of the social dynamics. It demonstrates no negligence while studying each and every activity that falls in the domain of a society.

Until recently the significance of Sociology has consistently been escalating and on a demand to be a focusing and highlighting discipline of the various intricate social problems and issues that have arisen out due to the onslaught of the broader modernization and Globalization processes.

Sociology thus, come to the curtain as a considerably preventive and imaginative as well as a discipline of a high degree of predictability due to its salient feature of embodying a tradition of sophisticated and ever modifying research method and innovation. On account of such a research philosophy in its enterprises, Sociology thus holds a substantial glimpse at the present and forthcoming social problems and adapts a vibrant strategy for their effective out throwing.

The department of sociology was established in the University in 2001. It necessarily has its due contributions to the progress and advancement of the university, being blatant by virtue of producing more than 150 graduates till now as well as the continuous encouraging rate of enrollments of students to all its programs i.e. BA (Hons), MA and M.Phil. There are about one hundred and ninety five students currently enrolled in the department.


  • To create in students the “Sociological imagination”, which signifies the ability to see their lives, concerns, problems and hopes as entwined within the larger social and historical context in which they live
  • To develop in students the skill to think critically and creatively
  • To make their vision broader to envisage and encompass the existing social    framework and enable them to apply their theoretical knowledge to the solution of the social problems around them
  • To educate and train them to discern and otherwise utilize the agents of change and to prevent and modify their ill-consequences for the benefit of the larger social setup
  • To develop and enhance their professional repertoire so as to maintain their excellent future operations in the discipline
  • To train learners enough to cope with any altering situation in life

Marketability of the post Graduates/ Job Opportunities

  • Regional, national and international Government and Non-government organizations e.g. UNDP, UNHCR, WHO, US-AID, APWA, and many other organizations which work in areas like, education, health, poverty, peace etc.
  • Social Welfare Department, Education Department, Drug Rehabilitation, NCHD etc.
  • Teaching and research institutes
  • Law
Degree Programs:
  • Master of Sociology (2-year programs, leads to 16-years education)

  • BS Programs (4-year programs, leads to 16-years education)

Teaching Faculty

  1. Dr. Arab Naz (Incharge of the Department)
    Associate Professor

  2. Dr. Muhammad Saeed
    Assistant Professor

  3. Mr. Hamid Alam

  4. Mr. Sajjad Hussain

  5. Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim
    Assistant Professor

  6. Mr. Waqar Ahmad
    Assistant Professor

  7. Mr. Muhammad Hussain

  8. Mr. Waseem Khan

  9. Mr. Sana Ullah

  10. Mr. Umar Daraz

Faculty on Study Leave
  1. Mr. Adnan Khan

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