Department of Social Work

Social work is an academic discipline and a profession within human services. Its main goal is to assist individuals, families and communities with their needs and solve their problems using a multidisciplinary approach. Social work in its various forms, addresses the multiple and complex transactions between people and their environments and aims at enabling all people to develop their full potentials, enrich their lives, and prevent dysfunctions.

Human rights and social justice are the philosophical underpinnings of social work practice. The uniqueness of social work practice is in the blend of some particular values, knowledge and skills, including the use of relationship as the basis of all interventions and respect for the client’s choice and involvement. Today, social workers are not only the bridge, linking clients to other helpers, they also provide their clients with hope and encourage them towards a happier life. Its auspices may be voluntary, governmental or combination of both.

Pakistan has been facing multifaceted socio-political and economic problems since its inception. In newly independent state it was a challenge for the government to formulate social welfare program befitting the country. Therefore, the government of Pakistan sought the assistance of the United Nation to develop social welfare program. The team of united nation advised the government to start social work trainings as without qualified social workers social welfare programs could not be implemented. Currently, in Pakistan social workers provide services in welfare fields which include services for persons with disabilities, services for the aged, child welfare agencies, family welfare agencies, services in criminal justice system, general health setting, psychiatric hospitals, educational settings, welfare administration agencies and international voluntary organizations.

Department of Social Work offers BS (4-Years) and Master (2-Years) programs. The Department commenced Master degree program in 2009, BS (4 years) in the 2011 and M. Phil in 2012.  During the course of time, Social Work has become one of the leading disciplines of Social Sciences of University of Malakand. Besides teaching, fieldwork and research are the essential components of Social Work Degree.

Mission statement of the Department
The mission of the Department is to prepare social work practitioners committed to promote social justice and human rights. In addition, the department also aims the rehabilitation of vulnerable groups. It helps and empowers individuals, families, groups and communities by inculcating the skills, knowledge, values and ethics of social work practice.

The vision of the department is to train the social workers in order to promote social justice, human rights through micro and macro approaches of social work to bring prosperity in the country as well as in region.

Objectives of the Department
In order to achieve the mission, and vision of the department, the department is working on the below mentioned objectives:

  • To teach the students the methods and techniques of social work
  • To prepare social work students to play their professional  role for the social inclusion of vulnerable groups
  • To equip the students for the solution of community problems through the application of social work methods and skills
  • To equip the students to advocate for social and economic justice in collaboration with communities
  • To prepare social workers to take leadership roles in public organizations charged with responding to societal problems such as poverty, family instability, mental illness and child abuse
  • To prepare social work students to be the agent of change.
  • To prepare students to learn and apply research, knowledge and skills for the advancement of social work practice
  • To prepare students to develop professional identity, which will incorporate the knowledge, skills, values, and ethical principles of social work profession that are crucial for the advancement of human rights and economic and social justice
  • To train students to prevent psycho-social problems in communities

Marketability of the Social Workers /Career Opportunities (Post Graduate opportunities)

1.         Government organizations

  • Health department
  • Social Welfare department
  • Mental hospitals
  • population welfare department
  • Forest department
  • Labor  department
  • Parole and Probation Department
  • National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA)
  • Zakat and Ushar Department
  • Commission for child protection
  • Special Education
  • BISP
  • Orphanages
  • Drug Abuse Treatment Centers
  • Dar-ul-Aamaan
  • Day care centers
  • Old age homes
  • Local government
  • Higher Secondary schools  ( School Social Worker)
  • Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

2.         National and International philanthropic Organizations

  • International organization like
  • UNDP
  • ILO
  • WHO
  • WFP
  • IFAD
  • National level organizations
  •  PPAF
  • NCHD
  • Edhi Foundation
  • SRSP
  • NRSP


Degree Programs:
  • Master of Social Work (2-year programs, leads to 16-years education)

  • BS Programs (4-year programs, leads to 16-years education)

Teaching Faculty

  1. Mr. Hamid Alam
    Assistant Professor & Incharge
    PhD in progress from University of Peshawar;

  2. Mr. Sajjad Hussain
    (PhD in progress, University of Peshawar),

  3. Mr. Farman Ali
    Assistant Professor / Semester Coordinator
    (M.Phil Social Work, University of Malakand)


Visiting Faculty

  1. Zakir Ullah
    MA Social Work University of Malakand

  2. Ashfaq Khalil
    MA Social Work University of Peshawar

University of Malakand - Pakistan