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Department of Management Studies is committed to achieve academic excellence, by pursuing its mission, to produce graduates who will possess the abilities of confident managers, entrepreneurs and academicians with sound knowledge of analytical tools required for business management in today’s highly competitive world. Also it introduces the new academic programs and courses in order to meet the emerging demand of industry.

Objectives of the Department

The general mission of the department is to provide students with advanced knowledge and practical skills preparing them for high-level leadership roles in both private and public sectors.
The primary goal of the department is to provide an intellectual environment where students can develop high-level leadership and management skills. Also they understand and apply new technologies necessary for solving business problems in both the national and international level. Besides the above primary mission the department has the following objectives to pursue.

Communication Objective
Graduates will be able to effectively communicate their ideas in both written and oral form, understanding that communication is a cooperative process.

Analytical Objective
Graduates will be able to take a leadership role in the evaluation of organizational conditions using a system perspective to determine necessary actions.

Research Objective
Graduates will have strong information literacy, possessing the ability to conduct research in both print and electronic sources, synthesize and disseminate the information.

Presentation Objective
Graduates will be able to demonstrate the high-level of professionalism necessary to deliver persuasive analysis and defend and support their analysis and recommendations.

Practical Objective
Graduates will be able to bring to the job market the ability to effectively apply the acquired skills and knowledge to a leadership role in an organization.

Liberal Arts Objective
Graduates will possess broad education in culture, history, philosophy, and aesthetics in order to be fully contributing members of both their professions and their communities.

Ethical and Social Objective
Graduates will be able to demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of ethical principles at both the professional and community level.

Lifelong Learning Objective
Graduates will demonstrate a commitment to continued professional development.

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