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It is a glaring fact that only those states enjoy a respectable position in world comity which has a strong legal infrastructure and rule of law. Legal institutions need to provide such a legal professional who strengthen the state machinery. Law program at the University of Malakand aimed to provide leadership to legal profession.

Law department, established in 2010, has highly qualified foreign and national degree holder faculty members. Along with the traditional class room lectures the department is arranging a variety of program to spring out the students’ creative abilities. It ranges from writing research article to debates on vital national and international legal issues, from leadership skills training to sharing ideas with legal profession stalwarts. Students’ visits to Supreme Court and High court of Pakistan are in regular fashion. It has been observed that students get highly motivated from participation in such activities.

We understand the role of information technology in the legal profession. Students are trained to use various electronic legal data base for research during studies.

Law department is in its initial years but in short span of time it has established its academic links with reputed organizations like, Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan (LJCP), High Court Peshawar, International Committee for Red Cross- ICRC, International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), British Council and many more others.

In the final year of studies students will be trained in moot court proceeding and presentation. They will be encourage and facilitated to participate in pro bono litigation.


  • To educate and train students in various branches of law.
  • To educate the student about the importance of ethical aspect of the profession.
  • To introduce student with contemporary legal method of practice and research.
  • To train them in oratory and presentation skill.
  • To link students with national and international organizations and universities.


The Faculty is committed to inculcate the values of respect, equality, merit, honesty, courtesy, innovation, excellence and dedication in students. To provide such an excellent quality education which distinguishes them in international arena and to make them icons of legal profession and symbol of pride for the nation.

Marketability /Job Opportunities

  1. Judiciary and Judicial Administration.
  2. Civil Services of Pakistan
  3. Legal practice /Entrepreneurships
  4. Legal Academics
  5. Legal advisorship in national and international organizations.
  6. Consultants in national and international Donors agencies.
  7. Consultants in international NGO.

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